Susana And The Elders

Susanna And The Elders

Susanna And The Elders

This painting was a beautiful painting full of passion and romantic colors, which was one of the representative works of the famous artist Tintoretto. This work was based on a story: Once upon a time there was a woman called Susanna who was very beautiful and brilliant. Later she married a merchant called Babylon. They loved with each other and lived a rich life. Susanna was very loyal to her husband. Once, she bathed in her garden's bath. Unexpectedly she was seen by two elder womanizers who tried to ravish her. She sternly refused them. Then two womanizers were afraid that Susanna would reveal their crime to her husband, so they filed the suit first and blamed Susanna for infidelity. The lawsuit was referred to the Egyptian Pharaoh and Susanna was sentenced to death. Finally, thanks to the prophet, Susanna was saved. Two villains were eventually sentenced to bake punishment. Since then, Susanna became the embodiment of the virgin in the folk stories in Arabia.

The painting depicted the lush trees and garden's bath covered with roses. Susanna was looking at the mirror. One of her legs was stuck in the tub and the other leg curled. Naked body looked very beautiful, and the white skin was delicate, smooth, and elastic. Her hands were wearing the agate bracelet and the blond curly hair was shining. Her whole image was very shinning. In front of her, pearls, jade, perfume bottles, corset and cosmetics were placed. The front mirror reflected hairpin and bath towel. Two old goats were sneaking the beautiful Susanna behind the trees. The whole painting skillfully grasped the lyric and sensual combination and the graceful environment and beautiful objects, making people feel the romantic scene and shameless peepers.


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