Vincent Van Gogh Self-portrait

Self-portrait was painted by Van Gogh in 1889, 65*54cm, which is the collection in Orsay Museum in Paris. Van Gogh regarded the second self-portraits as the sign of sanity for himself. " I hope you will see my face is much quieter than before, although it seems that I am looking like a dull than before in my own. I had another picture which I tried to draw on medication, but I think you will like this more as I was disposed to paint a little simple and unadorned when painting. Please show this painting to Pissarro, when you see him.

Self Portrait in front of the Easel

Self Portrait in front of the Easel

It is the opposite of the opinions of Van Gogh that the face is neither calm nor dull, or perhaps more accurately still, it should be firm, dedicated and never retreat. The author used the ice blue stroke in gyration to trace the background seems to be vibratile which set off the protagonist in bourgeois jacket and vest, with orange hair and beard, and at the same time, the painter's face appeared the familiar luster in temperament again.

The purpose of this painting was suggested to restore his confidence. Van Gogh asked Theo to show this painting to Pissarro, which makes clear that he was eager to get out of the hospital and go back to the painter group. In the same letter, he wrote, "A man should not only painting after all, he must meet with people and adjust his mood every now and then and feed his thought by contacting with others. Van Gogh took this painting for the sign of his physical and mental recovery and painting again, so he took it to Auvers from Theo when he came back to the north.

Van Gogh's Self-portrait has shown the temperament and ambition for modern painters, which goes for Utopia realm from where painters' stand.

The background in grey blue continuous curve, engender the effect of spiral. The callous look is in contrast to the fluctuation background. However, his eyes seem to look through a person as Anthony Ad said.

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