Sunflower-Vincent Van Gogh

Preserved in the British National Gallery, Sunflower is one of the most attractive oil paintings to viewers. Its painter, one of the greatest artists, Vincent van Gogh showed his fanatical love to art through this painting. His father was missionary, and influenced by his father, Vincent had been determined to be a missionary ever. In western religion, sunflower is regarded as the image standing for noble and unsullied faith because of the persist orientation to the sun. Therefore, Vincent loved this kind of plant and had great enthusiasm of art creating for sunflower. He had created several oil paintings themed on sunflower; although these authentic works are perceived in different countries, they are very popular with broad masses of people.

In 1886, Vincent van Gogh came to Paris for the first time of his life; there he was attracted into art works of impressionism style strongly. Just like other artists, he came to Montmartre followed. Then the autumn came, and everything was dressed in golden especially the sunflowers. In Montmartre, there were tens of thousands of blossoming sunflowers. Van Gogh was fascinated into them; therefore his inspiration was arousing. He was painting sunflowers these days all out with trying to alter new painting skills. He spent much time and did painstaking efforts on creating the most stunning sunflowers in the world.

Still Life Vase With Twelve Sunflowers

Still Life Vase With Twelve Sunflowers

Maybe these sunflower oil paintings by Vincent van Gogh are just result from an impulse on beautiful nature; however the eternal beauty is blossoming in the soul of viewers always.

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