Artisoo Gallery Summarized Basic Chinese Painting Skills

The most traditional tools for Chinese painting is pen and ink, pen shaped the figure, ink for meaning, the two complement each other. This article is to share with you some Chinese painting creation for the use of pen and ink, for the Masters, you can skip, and beginners, should be read carefully.

A pen aspect emphasizes ancients words "husband images must lie in the shape of the shape to be all their spineless, spineless shape are present in the conception and go almost a pen". Is the basis of the modeling for a painting, pen shape for the conception of the first, with a bad pen for bad painting. And the creation of Chinese painting, a pen is not a simple type of painting, its skillful use and integration of the emphasis on pen and line, pen with meaning, pens and force, I summarized as follows:



1. Pen and line. The line is the most basic means of modeling of Chinese painting, to create the texture of the object, the amount of sense and movement, the line is essential. Specific to the use of the line, the painter must have a higher understanding of ultra specific image, refining, and the ability to express the painter to control the images of the basis.

2. Pen and meaning. Which is above the kind of words "spineless shape of all of this and go almost a pen at conception" of the specific requirements, mood this formless-like things, and how the three-inch brush through your hands to show to the viewers? This depends on the cultivation and skill of the painter themselves.

3. Pen with force. You can see when painters painting,  it really is preoccupied with the complete body energy of the creative process, getting a strong momentum square, write weakness, soft paintings, flaw has become also.



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