Chinese Landscape Painting Basic Skills

Chinese paintings are so beautiful and so different from Western painting cultures that foreigners are certainly want to learn how to paint them. In fact, as long as you have understood the skills of Chinese paintings, you can also paint good works. Today I want to say something needs to be noticed when you're paining a Chinese landscape.

Everything has its own skills. The same is true with Chinese landscape paintings. So landscape painting techniques are important for anyone who wishes to make their landscape paintings more effective to the viewer. Landscapes are representations of specific scenery that you would wish to portray via the canvas.

First we need to figure out what is the landscape. Landscapes are portrayals of the different scenery that surrounds us. It can be a scene of nature--a forest, a river, the beach, anything scene that you can pick out in nature. It can also be a representation of an urban place – the market, the rows of buildings, and the church. There are several techniques you will need to remember when painting a landscape.

Trees, Building

Trees, Building

One of the basic skills for painting a landscape work is to avoid copying everything. For any landscape painting, it is important that you do not get to copy everything in a scene. Because it is a portrayal of a specific place you would like to preserve in a painting, you will need to inject your ideas so that it becomes an original all on its own. The idea in landscape painting is to be able to make a similar scene that is also a portrayal of your own ideas. Chinese paintings are beautiful because the painters are good at putting their own ideas in their works.

Pay attention to the essence of the scene. In landscapes, what you should be able to capture is the very essence of the place. For instance, in a marketplace, you will need to capture the very essence that makes it a marketplace--the hurried pace, the dynamics between sellers and buyers, things like that. It may not need to describe the very details about these things, but you have to outline the overall feeling.

Though these basic skills are far from enough for a good landscape, you need to practice more and think more. There is an old saying in China: "Practice makes perfect".

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