Waterfall Scenery in Chinese Landscape Paintings

As you know, Chinese mountains and waterfall paintings are always well-received for their auspicious meanings and best wishes for fortune and wealth. In traditional Chinese paintings, mountains, for their power and majestic manner, are frequently used to symbolize the solid family fortune and fame, while waterfall means your fortune and wealth will be come to you continuously. For the auspiciousness of this painting, it should be popular at home and abroad. Actually, it will play an important role in introducing Chinese cultures to foreign countries.

Continuous mountains are spreading themselves in front of you with clear gradation. Through the perfect combination of dark colors and bright colors, the mountains and the trees are revealed their splendor and power in details by the author. There is no doubt that you will immediately be attracted by the grand scene. However, the houses and cows at the foot of the mountains in this Chinese landscapes are in sharp contrast with the mountains, which means that great fortune will come to your house.

But, it is not limited to bless auspiciousness to you, and when you look at this ink painting, you will cultivate you mind as well. In the distance, mountains are partly hidden and partly visible in misty clouds. It is really a wonderful feast for your eyes and minds. With the author’s exquisite workmanship, the blue sky is clearly reflected in the lake below it, and almost every glass growing on the slopes is visible. This painting not only reproduces the authenticity of this landscape, but also maintains auspicious meanings for blessings. It is really a fantastic work.

Mountains waterfall trees Chinese Painting

Mountains waterfall trees Chinese Painting


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