Flowers and Birds the Major Theme in Chinese Paintings

As a kind of traditional Chinese paintings, the flowers and birds painting is one of the most warmly-received themes for its vigorous scene and favorable symbolic meaning. In this painting, two birds are standing over the branches of the plum blossoms, which indicates that the spring is not far away. As we all know, spring means hope, luck, and fortune.

In addition, the author has painted several peonies under the plum flowers. Peony is known as the national flowers in China, and it is always associated with auspiciousness, abundance, wealth, nobleness, dignity and grace. By adding them to this painting, the beauty of this Chinese art has been increased.

With the author’s exquisite strokes, the birds’ feather, and every petal of these flowers are clearly visible to us and every flower has its own independent posture while the whole birds & flowers panting is in perfect harmony. Especially, the two birds are happily looking at each other. It seems that they are whispering or saying love words to each other. This kind of scene will remind us of some touching and warm moments in our daily life, and enhance your positive faith towards life. In a word, this  painting is indeed an excellent work in expressing good wishes.

Birds&Flowers - Chinese Painting

Birds&Flowers - Chinese Painting

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