The King of Birds Peacock in Chinese Paintings

Chinese ancient people believed that there would be treasures where phoenix stayed, and they also said that the family which the peacock stayed at would prosper. It's a symbol of auspicious, nobility, beauty and power. Peacock also symbolizes civilization and culture in Chinese paintings. It is said that peacock is the phoenix which was born in the world of mortals. In the eyes of the Chinese people, the peacock is the kindest, most intelligent, the favorite bird of freedom and peace. It is an auspicious symbol of happiness. The peacock is also regarded as a manifestation of the beautiful and talented.

Peacock also symbolizes high ranking. So peacock painting is suitable to be given as a gift for hanging in the house or moving to a new house. In Fengshui theories, peacock represents yang, so nothing is a taboo to it.

Peacock&Peony - Chinese Painting

Peacock&Peony - Chinese Painting

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