Basic Steps to Draw Panda in Chinese Painting

The giant panda is known as the national treasure of China. The panda was a kind of ordinary animal in China long ago. However, for some reasons, too many of them have been killed. So the number of them is falling quickly.

At present people are taking an important measure to save pandas. People want to find a home for them, and recently, they have set up a nature park for them in Sichuan Province, which is called “Pandas' Home.” There pandas can enjoy their life happily. There is a bamboo forest near the Pandas' Home. So the pandas can find bamboos easily which they like to eat very much.

Because pandas are well protected now, the number of them is increasing every year. We hope that one day we will have enough pandas to set them free and let them live in the wild again. Pandas are good friends of man. Man should try to protect them and let them live in the way they like!

Panda also plays an important role in Chinese painting; many artists like to draw painting for pandas. Above photos are some basic steps for Chinese painting, you may have a try if you are a Chinese painting lover.

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