Can't Find Your Favorite Chinese Painting? --Pay Attention to Themes

Many people like Chinese paintings. But their admiration is not in general nature. People have become more particular about their choices of art work. A person who adores oil painting may not be the admirer of water color painting. Similarly, a person who reveres biblical paintings may not have any interest in paintings of the renaissance period.

I want to assert here that theme is the most important feature of an art piece. It is the most essential element of the painting. It is the life of an art work. The theme of the painting gives an orientation to the creation.



There may various themes in painting field. God and goddesses, animal figures, court scenes, nature, mythology, literature, folk lore – almost everything in life and imagination can become the theme for a painting. For example in nature paintings, there are so many themes adopted like skyscapes, landscapes, rivers capes, seascapes etc. In landscape paintings again, there may be so many like Abstract Landscape Paintings, Chinese Landscape Painting, Landscape Oil Paintings, Urban Landscape Painting, Watercolor Landscape, Romantic Landscape Painting and Oil Painting Landscape.

In case of oil paintings too, there can be so many sub themes. On the basis of medium too, painting themes are selected. Oil, watercolor, pastel colors, ink etc. are the media that are chosen for painting. Similarly, animal themes may include Camel Paintings, Cat Paintings, Elephant Paintings many more.

The painting theme is the main spirit of Chinese paintings. A successful painter can give the theme life and vitality. They are no longer simple objects, but the carrier of the painter’s inner heart. So if you try to collect some Chinese paintings, you can find your favorite painting theme first.

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