Chrysanthemums in My Dream

Chrysanthemum (菊花)

So many, so many chrysanthemums, one after one, filled with the whole hillside.

You are whirling excitedly on the slop; the sun is shining, made me dizzy. I want to lie down, lie down. It is autumn and the land filled with real chrysanthemum. But you have been just an apparition in my heart.

I remember it was a beautiful sunshine spring; you hold my hand and bring me here, in this green hillside, sowing our love seed.

Your whispered promise made me, the love struck man, struggling to look forward to the next autumn. Now, I'm coming, waiting alone in this flower bloom slope, miss your sickly figure under the sun, the feeling is so lonely. You left me alone, your hurried steps tramples on my life.

You see, How beautiful! So many, so many daisies are standing in front of me, like huge blossoming sunflowers. Don’t you need them to brighten your dark days? Don’t you need me to accompany? Your ever brilliant smile just like the dancing daisy, But now, in the face of chrysanthemum, I do not feel a trace of warmth, only heartache solitary journey with me forever.

So many, so many chrysanthemums are dancing, crying……

Chinese Chrysanthemums Painting

Chinese Chrysanthemums Painting

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