How to Paint Chinese Characters

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy

In Chinese calligraphy,   Chinese Characters are beautiful and inspiring. In these steps, you will learn how to make a beautiful painting in a short amount of time. There's no way to go wrong!

1. Choose the Chinese character you would like to paint-hope,love, etc. Then set up your water colors and oil pastels.

2. Copy or free-hand draw your Chinese character lightly with pencil on your paper.If you want to, you can write the word the Chinese character represents on the bottom of your paper(this looks extremely cool.)

3. Color in your character and or words with and oil pastel color of your choice.Make sure to cover in all the white areas.

4. Paint your painting. It looks better if you paint it in a lighter color of the oil pastel.

5. Let dry. Frame if you want to.




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