Chinese Cat Painting

Cat is a lovely and cute animal, artists like to depicted Chinese cat painting.

Chinese Cat Painting

Chinese Cat Painting

Chinese Peony, Butterfly and Cat Fengshui Painting/Scroll: this combination image is called "耄耋(mao die: the octogenarian elder)" and symbolizes longevity. Because "cat(猫)" sounds like the word "耄" in Chinese, and "butterfly(蝶)" sounds the same as that of "耋". Besides, peony is a symbol of nobility and wealth. So the whole combination picture symbolizes longevity, health and riches. China ancient people often presented this cat painting as a gift to the aged for its nobility and longevity meanings.

Chinese White cat Painting: represents "good luck".

Chinese Black Cat Painting: can ward off evil and dispel disasters.

Chinese Gold Cat Feng Shui Painting: making a lot of money and having a brisk business.

Chinese Blue Cat Painting: a wish for the booming business.

Chinese Painitng of Red Cat: can dispel disasters and diseases.


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