Garden Path in Louveciennes chemin de l etarch by Alfred Sisley

This Alfred Sisley painting was made one year earlier than the 1st impressionist exhibition, but it had shown the various aspects of impressionist painting modeling and techniques which bewildered the critics and audiences. These delicate and shocking strokes contrary to the painting techniques advocated by the Academy of Fine Arts and its followers were played most incisively in this painting.

It’s not too much to use the same words to comment on the landscape paintings of Louveciennes exhibited this time. This painting depicted the garden path in this village. This path led from Fuwazan town to the hill and directed to SeineRiver and Marley and Wahl village that were favored by the modern landscape painters.

The right side of the impressionism painting was the walls of the old castle which no longer existed and the easel of the painting was on the side. A row of small houses and fences separated by the fences were on the left. The path was very beautiful with decently trimming trees, so the straight line directing to the misty horizon mixed with light blue and purple was formed. The middle was the milky white faintly shown by the distant houses. From the color of the right trees or the trimming pattern of the left trees, from the black long scarf worn by the left woman as well as the large shadow cast on the path, the traces of time and weather were clearly seen: the winter was coming, the sun went down, casting the blue purple and golden shadow and contrasting finely with the golden yellow of the phonic parts. Using the few pigments to paint the bright and light blue sky with the light purple with fast strokes made people feel the bitter cold in winter.

Garden Path in louveciennes chemin de l etarch 1873

Garden Path in louveciennes chemin de l etarch 1873

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