Person Throwing a Stone at a Bird by Joan Miro

Person Throwing a Stone at a Bird was made by Joan Miro in 1926. This genre painting looked very simple, which was divided by the colors of blue and yellow, a strange figure consisting of the soft curves stood in the right front of the painting, and a bird was behind the figure. The bird left its moving traces in the painting. The yellow beach was a metaphor of the breast and sexual organs, which was the artist’s humorous praise for the lust—life motility.

Joan Miro paintings often did not have the specific shapes, but had a few lines, embryos, and casual shapes which were similar to those in children’s scribbling stage. The colors were very simple, red, yellow, green, blue, black and white were painted into pieces. These scenes in the painting were free and lively. But if you thought they were casually arranged, then you were absolutely wrong.

In fact, they came from the artist’s free fantasy and penetrating thinking. As Miro himself said, “When I am drawing, the painting under my brush starts to narrate or imply itself. When I am working, the form becomes a woman or the symbol of a bird…The first stage is free and subconscious.” However, “the second stage is carefully planned.” Therefore, although the surrealism paintings of Miro were innocent and active, as if it had come from the children's hands, but they did not have the innocence that existed in children’s paintings. Instead, they became very smooth and lively through the careful thoughts.

Person Throwing a Stone at a Bird by Joan Miro for sale

Person Throwing a Stone at a Bird

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