Living with Art

Art seems far away from us. Children from rural area in China usually don't have opportunity to get access to art, they usually help do housework after class instead of going to training class to learn dance, paint. Meanwhile, a majority of children from urban area are more interested in game other than dancing or painting. With furious competition from their fellows, both of them must spend most of their time on study to gain a prosperous future. Without getting professional training, people think art are beyond their understanding.

spring study of jeanne demarsy

spring study of jeanne demarsy

In fact, art has always surrounds us. Have you ever notice the streetlights in our city? The bulb are designed into various shapes, some resemble flowers, which may be the flower of the city, adding beauty to the city, some are long rectangles paralleling with the road to make use of the light to the largest extent. Different design concept reflect different pursue of the indigenous residents. They not only supply light but also decorate the city. The decoration of shopping mall, design of apparel and jewelry, all are manifestation of art. Only if we have a heart good at appreciating everything around us, can we find beauty in our lives.

Art, such as paintings are concentration of the artist's thought, showing their understanding and affection for life. We get perspectives of our own in the aftermath of comprehending the artist’ meaning. Many artists are prolific in spite of living a destitute life. Vincent Van Gogh, a painfully disturbed, tormented man, who, in spite of his great anguish, managed to create extraordinary art, an intensely private, introspective man, who wrote eloquently about art and about life, an erratic, impulsive man, who had the self-discipline to construct an enormous body of work in a career that lasted only a decade. When we view the masterpieces by Van Gogh, we can image that he insisted paint while tormented by illness and can be encouraged by his dedication to art and inspired by his perseverance.

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