The Death of Marat


The Death of Marat

The Death of Marat

The death of Marat was created by Jacques Louis David in 1794. The death of Marat depicted the historical event that the French revolutionary Mara was killed in the bathtub. The painter employed the realistic approach to reappear the miserable situation of the assassination.

Marat fell in the bathtub, stabbed wounds were apparently, the blood had incarnadined the towels and the liquid in the bathtub. The hand that holding the quill fell outside the bathtub, the other hand held the letter that the murderer gave him tightly. The female assassin-Charlotte Cole utilized the sympathy Marat had for her and murdered him while he was unprepared. We can also see the bleeding weapon on the floor.

There was a big wooden platform next to the bathtub, it seemed that this was the working place of him. There were ink, quill pen, paper money and a note that he had just finished which said that "Please give these 5 francs to a mother of five children, her husband sacrificed his life for our country".

Jacques-Louis David put the protagonist in a certain plot and scene which enriched the contents and infections of the portraiture.

The painter depicted the upper half into a simply and dark effect intentionally in order to highlight the objective realistic effect of the lower half. This work expressed the depressed, grieved and suffering feelings that the shocking and indignant murder event brought to people.

It was said that David rushed to the scene two hours later after Marat was stabbed to death, and he was shocked by the miserable scene, so he decided to record this tragic historical scene with his painting brush.

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