Oil Painting

In recent years, oil painting gradually became known by ordinary people. When people make wall decoration in their residence, they often choose some watercolor painting, Chinese painting, oil painting, etc. Among them, oil painting tends to be much favored by people. In China, the painting market can be divided into three categories: Chinese painting, western painting and folk painting.

Western oil painting was introduced to China only three hundreds years ago, but it had entered into people's daily life in the last century. After the reform and opening up, oil paintings in a variety of styles and genres has occupied a place in China.

 According to the subject, oil painting can be divided into floral painting, abstract painting, landscapes, portraits and still life,etc. But whatever the subject matter is, the work mainly relies on two major elements: shape and color. In other words, oil painting uses three means of expression: form, light and color.

Field of Tulips in Holland

Field of Tulips in Holland

The most important element of oil painting is color which is quite different from ones in palette. Colors in a painting can neither be cobbled together, nor be complex and dazzling. Instead, they should be formed towards some kind of color and full of changes to demonstrate subtle and delicate pictures.

The tone is the soul of oil painting. A painting without tone means it has not formed a style and a harmonious and varied color combination. In that case, such painting is not defined as a good one. In addition to the above requirements, oil painting also pays attention to structures, brush strokes, rhythm, etc.

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