Spring Flower By Norman Rockwell

The oil painting, Spring Flowers, was painted in 1969 by American artist Norman Rockwell. Rockwell is most famous for the cover illustrations of everyday life scenarios. Many of Rockwell’s famous paintings are portraits or figures, such as The Saturday Evening Post, Willie Gillis, Rosie the Riveter, and so on. The painting is not Rockwell's typical painting, but it conforms to his concepts—naturalism and idealism.

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

The oil painting depicts a beautiful picture in a town. In the middle of the painting, a bunch of colorful spring flowers which are set on the chair. There is a wooden wall. The chair is in front of the wall. A pair of gloves is under the flowers. Next to the chair is a bucket, a pair of shoes, and some tools which are used for working on the farm. Apart from that, a beautiful straw hat is hung on the wall. A bird is popping its head in and looking about near the door. Outside the door is a stone road. All of those things give us a nice imagination: on a fine day in spring, a fair woman wears the straw hat and gloves, working on the farm with the tools. She sees many beautiful flowers and loves it so much. So she picks flowers and takes home. It is a placid and nice town in which people live in a happy and calm life. What the painting shows us is an ideal way of life for Rockwell, also for most of people.

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