Titian and Giorgione

Titian Vecellio (from 1478 to 1576) was born in a small mountain town in the north of Italy. He used to play truant, he loved to run into de wood to pick up flowers and grasses, and mashed them to painting. His father had no choice but let him and his little brother go to Venice and study with a teacher. This young man came into the studio of the famous painter Giovanni to study painting later. And he met the senior fellow apprentice who he worshiped extremely “Giorgione” who was five years older than him and already had been famous.

The two were like brothers. Titian was keen on the hedonism philosophy of him and the lyrical, fantasy and poetic line colors were all the models when he studied painting.

As a result, Titian took the views of Giorgione as “imperial edict”. He imitated his style of painting and instead did not care much about the instructions of their teacher. The teacher was very angry and expelled them out.

“What should we do? We have no money to eat?” Titian said in anxiety.

“Afraid of what? I believe that we will be able to become the court painters one day in the future. The King and Queen will request us to draw portraits for then” Giorgione dreamed confidently.

Titian was excited after hearing the words.

“But I’m afraid we can not wait for that day, we would starve to death tonight.”

“Let’s cross the bridge when we come to it” Giorgione said and added that “I will find the pretty woman last night to act as my model”.

“I will paint my lover, too” Titian agreed.

The two young men relied on their momentum to make some money and rent a small room in this way. They stroke out on themselves. They share the same models and even the same mistress. They captured the sunset in Venice, drew the fields and shepherds and also painted nude women.

But the perfect partnership between them began to have cracks because of the order of German Business Bureau frescoes.

Giorgione became famous when the mural was completed and received sounds of praises. “The work of you this time is so outstanding.”

But he found that Titian had transcended him unwittingly. He became silent and unhappy, focused on the short pleasure of joy. Then he fell in love with a woman and painted the Sleeping Venus. But the woman died in 1511 because of Black Death, Giorgione was infected, too. He finished his life just 32 years old when he had became the minion of the time.

The Sleeping Venus

The Sleeping Venus

Titian completed many unfinished works of him after he died (including the Sleeping Venus). Because the creative styles of them were too similar at that stage, there were still controversies about the author of many works.

The talent of Titian gradually attracted much attention because Giorgione died suddenly. Their teacher died a few years later. Titian was called by the Italy and Europe court because he was sociable, elegant and unconventional and he began constructing his painting kingdom.

In the history of art, Titian was arrogant. As for his best friend, he was an enigmatic person.

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