Chinese Bamboo Culture


Bamboo - Chinese Painting

Bamboo - Chinese Painting

The bamboo plant is the staple food of the giant panda and a cultural icon in Chinese history. In ancient China bamboo was a feature of various aspects of daily life. It was used for food, clothing, housing and transportation. China's first books were crafted from bamboo strips strung on string, and almost all ancient musical instruments were made of bamboo. People are still using paintbrush made from bamboo today. Bamboo is viewed as a symbol of traditional Chinese values.It is an example of the harmony between nature and human being.Chinese ancients designated the plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum as "four gentlemen," and pine, bamboo and plum as the "three friends in winter."People think its deep root denotes resoluteness, its tall, straight stem represents honor , its hollow interior modesty and its clean and spartan exterior exemplifies chastity. Ancient Chinese literati held bamboo in profound esteem. This explains why there are so many writings and paintings dedicated to it throughout history.

The Bamboo Culture is the important symbol of Chinese culture different from other cultures. Both the bamboo culture building materials, shapes characteristic or it reflects the culture of bamboo culture can or it is a symbol refers to the performance, and could very distinctive highlight shows the characteristics of Chinese culture, reveals the profound connotation of China. A pair of chopsticks, a bamboo house, a bamboo bridge, a bamboo flute, a bamboo fan, a bamboo tube brush, a chant bamboo poetry, a bamboo, a "no bamboo is vulgar motto ... all filled with the rich flavor is quite different from the European culture, African culture, Latin American culture, Chinese culture: bamboo chopsticks lunch distinct mark of Western cylinder car is the unique means of transport of the ancient Chinese bamboo fan a masterpiece of Chinese craftsmen, the bamboo tube brush is a symbol of ancient Chinese culture, bamboo flute musical instrument is unique to China, Wing bamboo poetry chanting Poetry and bamboo represent Chinese painting borrowed bamboo Yu personality only for the Chinese philosopher tells ...... interpretations do not have to, do not need to label people since Duwusiren, see King hygiene conditions. The basic characteristics of the Chinese culture it is through bamboo and other cultural phenomenon became manifest, other phase and of other cultural sentenced contingent.

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