Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Management Symposium

The traditional Chinese painting is the major integral part of Chinese art; it occupies a large market share among that of Chinese art. Along with the western art being introduced to China, traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy experience a new downturn in the whole market. Compared to last few years, traditional painting and calligraphy have declined a little. I think the situation will be better because traditional Chinese panting has been on a good footing of thousands of years,. If proper measures are taken, I believe traditional Chinese art will always maintain the leadership position of the art market.

Blessing-Red paper Golden Words

Blessing-Red paper Golden Words

Over 50 experts held a symposium discussing on Chinese painting and calligraphy management. During the meeting, many experts proposed various measures and strategies to solve the problem of the contemporary lack of management of painting and calligraphy. Their ideas mainly concentrated on how to enhance awareness and increase knowledge of painting and calligraphy, as well as to set up an excellent Chinese artwork management system. All of these are ultimately to improve the cultural environment of Chinese painting and calligraphy. They arrived at a consensus that the future of Chinese painting and calligraphy is bright, full of enthusiasm and passion.

Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy, as the core culture of China, will be in tendency of developing continuously. The discussion of painting and calligraphy is an attempt to adjust the Chinese art market and management in this field. Chinese painting, also known as the flower of Chinese culture, is rooted deeply in the soil of Chinese culture through thousands of years. And it is entirely different from Western painting. Many people around the world are interested in its incomparable beauty. We should try our best to promote this cultural treasure to the whole world.

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