Chinese Painting in Ming Dynasty

Traditional Chinese painting embodies the characters of the time. During the year 1368-1644, that is Ming dynasty in China, Chinese painting developed a lot and made major achievement through the entire period. The painting techniques and skills did not change much but the colors widely used in the painting are quite abundant. Innovations in painting bring a great success.  Calligraphy can match with the painting more perfectly. Chinese painting reached a new climax during this period with many new schools and great artists emerged.

The painting schools in Ming dynasty are formed at the beginning of the time.. New schools of painting appeared, such as Zhejiang School and Yuanti School. They played the most important role in early Ming dynasty. The scholar-artist style of painting received a great popularity. Along with the decline of the above two schools, Wumen School emerged and quickly became the most influential school throughout the nation. Artists of Wumen School developed into a new style on the base of scholar-artist style of painting.



Xu Wei (徐渭), one of the most famous representatives in Ming period, created a lot Xieyi painting. His painting had a highly personalized ink of impressionistic style. Large impressionistic painting put cursive into the picture, reflecting the unique concept of style and realm. Large impressionistic painting is not only a high degree of self-art, but also a high degree of self-deprivation art. Self-art and self-deprivation art seem to be contradictory, but in fact they are unified. Only the conscious pursuit of large impressionistic painting of this unique realm, can really these doors undress majestic art flourish. Among chronicles painters, one of the most typical representatives of freehand painting is Xu Wei. He experienced frustrations in life and coupled with extraordinary talent made him a unique artist. In the late Ming period, the large impressionistic system became mature, and his ability of expressing ink paintings turned up to unprecedented levels.

As an outstanding artist and scholar, his accomplishments are mainly in bird-and-flower painting. He often used the poems that accompanied his paintings to express his inner feelings, thus perfecting the paintings.

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