The Future Development of Chinese Painting

Pear&Birds - Chinese Painting

Pear&Birds - Chinese Painting

Chinese painting is an ancient art and it has a long history, which is its advantage, but also its innovative development pressure. With the development of society, those kinds of art based on classical environment to grow up was impacted, any one ancient arts which want to develop needs to reflect on their own, need to be in close contact with the social process. One of the key to contact is to combine the aesthetic changes of social life and material changes of the society.

Eleventh National Art Exhibition of Chinese paintings, some professionals have some insight, said: "National Art Exhibition has been substantially formed a style mode, almost meticulous large paintings dominate the world of books and paintings magazines academic pipeline Shushi Jun freehand painting obvious recession.”It should be said this feeling watching the exhibition is very strong, but walk in the eleventh Art Exhibition of Chinese painting exhibition hall of the Shanghai Railway Station, impressed me the most is not the style, but theme changes of the Eleventh Art Exhibition.”

At Previous Fine Arts Exhibition, many artists are actually noticed this problem, and has made some efforts in this regard. The painting subjects eleventh Art Exhibition is still diverse, while there are few works caught my attention. Jiangsu painter Shen Ning exhibits "Hard Candy", the use of collage; each head is equivalent to more than twice the size of the real girl many faces bonded in a screen. Collage approach is  common in the modern Chinese painting, but the the artists selected image is very compelling, that is, a similar computer image of the camera lens, the effect of a girl deliberately self-timer, this effect is very close to the modern life, viewers, especially young viewers, it seems, that is fresh and unusual. Fresh in Chinese painting appeared relatively fresh, and the usual commonplace in everyday life, artists use such a way of life tangible expression into the picture. Such techniques combined with computer appeared in a major art exhibition is still relatively small, is a relatively new tendency.

This performance has become increasingly subject matter rather than fresh from Beijing HAN Xue "Urban and Streams." This is one depicting a cold winter car site; many students are waiting between scenarios. This scenario too ordinary, almost every child growing up in the city have had a similar experience, it is so close to life. The ancients said plain naive, in the life before the true meaning of life, and only on the dull pursuit of is the Chinese people’s ideal life. With the introduction of the large number of Western painting, people used to see the kind to stimulate the optic nerve to the thrust of the painting, to see such a true reflection of life painting but have nothing to say, say that this is an era of sorrow.

The ancient art of Chinese painting category, was developed in the context of agricultural civilization, when people open the door to see the mountains and streams ,bridges and people at that time, there has been a lot of landscapes, flowers and birds, that is consistent with their era, because at that time, these is their life itself, our ancients become increasingly without odd, these themes is true of the ancients. However, with the development of society, "human nature" has changed, modern city people go out to see the car, see the road, open the computer, the kind of idyllic life is moving away from us, has become the dream of the modern city, has repeatedly portrayed that image away from a sense of the times, or say over this depicts in the performance of a real life, real life or in fabricated. Chinese painting as our "national essence", its development only rely on the community to help with the protection apparently is not enough .Only adapt to modern life and close to life itself, and Chinese Painting was able to have a basis for development continuously .While if it want to develop, first of all is to be combined with modern life.

Throughout the history of art, in essence, the development of Chinese painting has been continuity, the reason is to be able to adapt to the prevailing society. In a Biological term, "survival of the fittest", Chinese paintings want to survive and develop, it has to absorb the nutrients of real life and must become part of the modern life. In other words, is to make modern "dull" life into painting, or concern about modern “dull" life.

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