Tips for Keeping Chinese Painting

Mountains, river - Chinese Painting

Mountains, river - Chinese Painting

Firstly,hang out  Chinese paintings appropriately, so as to detect changes of the calligraphy during storage, such as damp, infestation. During the suspension, you should pay attention to the air humidity, calligraphy and painting with heating, pipe and keep a certain distance, When Summer cooling, calligraphy and painting should avoid close to the indoor machine of air conditioning.

The sunlight could destroy painting and calligraphy, because UV pigment will make pigment metamorphosed and decomposed, resulting in paper aging, and therefore can not be hung near a window, try to avoid direct sunlight.

Incandescent or fluorescent light emitted 400 to 700nm (nano-meter) visible although little effect, but also make long brachytherapy calligraphy paper aging to yellow, so the lighting should try to use low-power light source, calligraphy and painting with light source to maintain a meters above the distance.

Secondly, Clear the dust timely. Environmental pollution damage to painting and calligraphy is very large, especially in the city, automobile tail gas and industrial pollution makes the air acid and alkali content is higher, harmful gases and fine dust suspended in the air, in course of time deposit in the picture, will erosion picture .Generally , clear dust once a month is preferred, can be appropriately extended or shorten the cycle according to the season.

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