Chaos The Creation by Ivan Aivazovsky

Chaos The Creation 1841 was created by Ivan Aivazovsky, a Russian world-renowned painter for his seascape and coastal scenes painting.

Throughout Ivan’s life, he created about 6000 paintings, and seascape paintings constitute most of these works. Sea always sticks to brave and struggle in Russia, which infiltrates into Ivan’s mind and described vividly and incisively in this master’s works.

Every aspect of the color-saturated this Ivan Aivazovsky painting seems to be in motion, clouds and sea alike come to life. Billowing, huge clouds circle above the sea like large predators, eager to devour the sea below as the storm ensues. While some people regard sea as peaceful quite harbour, this painting focuses on its roaring and restlessness state of the motion of the waves, revealing its magnificent, cultivating an atmosphere of deep esteem for sea’s stubborn and unyielding spirit. He studied their shape, size as well as the quality, the cool-hued technic and dark color he used made all blend into one harmonious scene as a whole.

However, the sun show up in the center among the dark clouds, setting lit the gloomy clouds and sea, casting clear and bright glow down as if someone tears a split of the darkness. Ivan Aivazovsky depicts the dark clouds as a huge monster swallowing the sea, whlie the golden sunlight show up to dispel the clouds, bringing the viewers hope and relief, telling people that there is always a hopeful side to a difficult situation.

This seascape masterpiece conveys fearless heroism spirit of Russian by depicting the strong-willed and powerful nature.

Chaos The Creation 1841

Chaos The Creation 1841

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