Oil Painting Appreciation

The keys to oil painting appreciation are layout and structure, in other words, the composition of a picture. A good painting looks coordinating, including its image concept, artistic concept and color. In short, oil painting is depending on the modeling and color. Composition, light, color, these are three main forms of expressions.

Then, look at the light effect of whole painting. The understanding of artist towards light includes sense and science. The light and shadow under their hands must be vivid and lively, just like the light effect of a stage play.

A delightful visual light is important for a painting work. Conversely, disordered and uncoordinated light means a bad work.

Next, look at the application of the color. Though the painter’s own unique life experience or environment may bring him unique aesthetics and the requirement of color differs from man to man, a good painter and his work must be in a coordinated color contrast, tone and saturation. Or, whatever you like.

In a diverse society, the content and forms of expression of oil paintings are diverse as well. There are different schools of oil painting, there are all prospering today. Use your eyes to appreciate the works that make you delightful.


painting for bedroom

painting for bedroom

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