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After The Storm Moonrise 1984 by Ivan Aivazovsky

After The Storm Moonrise is one of Ivan Aivazovsky’s famous seascape paintings, depicting the scene the moon rises after a serious and intense storm. Ivan Aivazovsky, best known for his coastal and seascapes paintings, enjoyed a great fame and prestige … Continue reading

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Oil Painting Appreciation

The keys to oil painting appreciation are layout and structure, in other words, the composition of a picture. A good painting looks coordinating, including its image concept, artistic concept and color. In short, oil painting is depending on the modeling … Continue reading

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The Features of Painting Tools

Long before the 19th century in Europe, painting tools were produced by artists in the workshop according to their own needs. After the industrial revolution, this traditional manual has been replaced by specialized production factory. Although this is a symbol … Continue reading

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Common Skills of Oil Painting

Subdue Subdue means using the bottom of oil painting brush to paint, press and subdue, then lift, like calligraphy, old and strong. The diversity between nib and bottom and the different strength direction of paint can bring various changes and … Continue reading

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