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Common Skills of Oil Painting

Subdue Subdue means using the bottom of oil painting brush to paint, press and subdue, then lift, like calligraphy, old and strong. The diversity between nib and bottom and the different strength direction of paint can bring various changes and … Continue reading

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Forbidden Literature The Use of The Word

Before knowing Italian surrealist painter Chirico, Ernst and Rene Magritte (1898.11-1967.8) had been engaged in advertising and wallpaper design. At that time, he was just a not very good advertising designer. In 1927, he came to Paris and his works were … Continue reading

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How To Paint Trees in Oil Paintings

The trees are difficult to paint particularly if the trees are in the foreground. It is very difficult for you to decide whether to draw many details or not. The trees in the distance are easy to draw with little … Continue reading

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A Brief Analysis of Freud's Oil Painting Techniques

The British painter  Lucian Freud was the most famous realist painter, whose grandfather was the famous founder of psychoanalysis Sigmunt Freud. He went to England and was affected by the painter Francis Bacon. From the perspective of painting techniques, Freud's works were … Continue reading

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Painting Techniques of The Veiled Woman

This painting uses a very rich painting language. The painter gives full play to his expressive force of color and is strict with every stroke in this painting. The beautiful face color and pleats in luxurious dress are meticulously portrayed. … Continue reading

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