Painting Techniques of The Veiled Woman

The Veiled Woman

The Veiled Woman

This painting uses a very rich painting language. The painter gives full play to his expressive force of color and is strict with every stroke in this painting. The beautiful face color and pleats in luxurious dress are meticulously portrayed. Raphael fondly conveys the reproduction of the portrait of beauty, because that the veiled woman in the painting is Raphael's lover Donna Velata. The woman wears a veil, letting the artist to describe. Her velvet flashing eyes, quiet and smiling face as well as the right hand on her chest, are portrayed very delicately.

Many of his Madonna paintings are observed in the selection of many of the beautiful female images. But according to the historical data, Raphael has an ideal model, which is often used for a series of Madonna paintings. This painting The Veiled Woman is probably the true image of his lover. The bold use of color conversion manipulation has not been seen in the 16th century and only has appeared in large painting Biography of Maria Medici of Rubens. Apparently, this painting is completely different from the Madonna paintings that Raphael had created.

This is a white main melody, which is observed from the real object. Maybe due to the real object as the foundation, this oil painting reduces the depicting of the ideal female components and removes the mysterious colors, which becomes more realistic. In the artist's mind, the ordinary Donna Velata is an ideal of female beauty. If all the successful Madonna paintings of Raphael were really created based on the woman in The Veiled Woman, then we have reason to say, "The reason why Raphael's Madonna is beautiful is that they are from the folk."


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