Inroduction to The Veiled Woman

The Veiled Woman is made by one of three famous Italian Renaissance heroes Raphael Santee. This talented Italian painter has completed a lot of masterpieces in his short life which is only lasting 37 years. His artistic elegance, harmony and highly perfection are not only admired by the people at that time, but also regarded as the model which is beyond one's reach by the future generations.

The Veiled Woman

The Veiled Woman

People often consider da Vinci's creation works as the unpredictable sea, and make the works of Michelangelo compared to the high mountains and lofty hills. However, people think Raphael's paintings broad and clear fields. The painting The Veiled Woman is also known as La Donna Velata. It is said that this painting is made by Raphael for his lover. Maybe due to the real object as the foundation, this painting reduces the depicting of the ideal female components and removes the mysterious colors, which becomes more realistic. The artist uses extremely rich painting languages and gives full play to the color expressive force. He makes an ordinary but very aesthetic image of women. The woman is pretty graceful with bright eyes, beautiful, quite and smiling face. Her luxurious dress pleated patterns is performed by the painter's light brown and silver tone, which is contrasted with the delicate skin color of human characters. Such bold method for conversion of colors not only shows that Raphael has skillfully handled the painting languages, but also is the initial attempt in the western oil paintings in 16th century.

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