Chinese painting artist: Wang Hui

Wang Hui's Biography&Awards:

Wang Hui, now he is working in the Painting Researching Room of Guilin Arts and Crafts Research Institute, and he also is the Chinese Painting Research Director of Guilin Art School.

In the recent thirty years, he has been working on the research to the ink-variety of the Chinese painting, in order to find the best combination of Chinese ink painting and the West painting. His artworks are very fine, polytropic and colorful, finally formed his own style.

His artworks were collected by many peolple from HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, European Countries and Southeast Asia for many times, and many artworks also were collected by "Chinese Famous Artists Directory", "The Contemporary Chinese Youth True-Power painter Directory" and "Chinese Famous Calligraphers and Painters". He also held his art exhibition in Taipei New-imes Gallery, Singapore Parkson and Malaysia Bingcheng Chinese Commerce Association. Taipei Qingrun Arts Centre financed the publishing of "Wan Hui's Album of Painting".




Wang Hui's Chinese painting:

Chinese Guanyin painting
Chinese Guanyin Painting

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