Chinese Fish Painting

In China, "fish(鱼)" and "surplus(余)" and "jade(玉)" are homonymic words (all sound "yu"), so fish represents affluence and abundance.

China artists often draw the auspicious fishes drawing as carp and goldfish, as "carp(鲤)" and "benefit(利)" are homonymic words in Chinese, and "gold(金)" represents wealth  so they often relate to the business and symbolize the advantages and benefits in business.

Lotus and Fish

Lotus and Fish

Lotus Flower & Fish Feng Shui Painting: represent that you live in affluence and every year may you always get more than you wish for.

Peony & Fish Feng Shui Painting: peony is symbolic of honor and riches, so the painting  combination of peony and fish means you will become wealthy in affluence and abundance.

Two Fish Painting: In particular a Black/Blue Fish and a Red / Gold/ Colored Fish frolicking in water resemble the black and white areas of Taiji ("great ultimate"). So two fish paintings or scrolls can represent "yin" and "yang" and has very auspicious meanings.

Six Fishes Painting: symbolizes "may everything goes as you wish".

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